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Kinetix 5500 Servo Drives

Sep 15, 2023

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive:

The Kinetix 5500 is a high-performance digital AC servo drive for motion control applications. It features integrated power modules and axis modules to support a variety of motor types and application needs. The Kinetix 5500 connects to a ControlLogix or CompactLogix controller via an EtherNet/IP network to provide fast, accurate motion control.




Single-cable solution that includes feedback, motor brake and motor power, all-in-one cable that’s equipped with a quick, one-turn connector

Capability to run servo and induction motors in one drive platform

Flexible power connectivity provides multiple ways to operate the system

Each drive catalog number supports 200V and 400V class applications

Allows for auxiliary feedback support using Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP Encoders 

Kinetix 5500 Integrated Safety Servo Drives


Perform SIL 3 PLe Safe Torque Off safety functions over an EtherNet/IP connection

Complete project integration in Studio 5000 Logix Designer for control, safety and motion

Decrease safety wiring and reduce the number of safety components required

Validate your safety system through code reuse

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